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Asgaf Investment Trust Fund (AETF) operating under TNN Multipurpose Cooperative Society is open to professionals and entrepreneurs above eighteen (18) years of sound mind and character who support our principles and values. We are a profit oriented registered organisation that is owned by its members. That means profits generated is shared between the Company and the shareholders as dividends. As a member of Asgaf Equity Trust Fund, you have access to a full array of products and services designed to help you save time money and satisfy your financial goals.

We constantly look for new and better ways to provide our adequate returns on investment with the most current, convenient and beneficial services whether it is financial or otherwise. We rely on the dedication of and referrals from our members to grow tremendously within the next Twenty (30) years. 

The Asgaf ETF entails the pooling of funds by multiple investors for the purpose of financing various corporate projects for good returns without getting involved in the hurdles of managing the projects.


Asgaf ETF provides serial projects that have been structured to provide excellent risk-adjusted returns to clients. The projects are packaged as investment outlets for clients who would want to participate in investment trusts either for cash returns.

With Asgaf ETF Platform you can invest with smaller lots of capital (buying investment units for minimal investment quantum; as low as ₦200,000/per unit ) and enjoy the upsides that investors typically glean from diversified portfolios like ours

Below is our investment performances in the last four years

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